Church History

Statement of Faith

We, as the Lighthouse of Faith, believe we are the body of Christ...

Our Mission

We believe that we are called, not just to this community, but also to the nations...

Church History

We have a pretty interesting history. You can read more about it here. Who knows, maybe...

The Guns N' Roses Church

In 2007, the Lord started showing founding Pastor Steve Jarvis a darkness that rested over Memphis, Missouri. He was looking for a Lighthouse church, a group of people that would be dangerous to darkness and be used by Him to dispel the darkness.

In 2008, after meeting with a group of families also hearing God's call for Memphis, we decided to take the leap of faith. On May 6th, 2008, we had our first gathering. One of the families graciously offered their shed for us to gather in; it was simple and a blessing. The shed had no air conditioning or heat, but had a bay door that we often opened in the summer for God's air conditioning. The shed was attached to a local gun shop and we affectionately had the nickname, the Guns N' Roses church.

Winter was fast approaching and we were outgrowing the shed, so we prayed and the Lord opened a door at a Memphis funeral home for the winter where we could hold services. We knew that this wasn't going to be permanent so we were praying when the pieces fell together at a Mexican restaurant in Memphis, MO. We often joked that it still smelled of tacos even years later. For the next four years it was our home.

Home Sweet Home

The Lord had always put it on our hearts to have a place of worship of our own. The pieces finally came together as we started building a church on Highway 136. From Day One, we have been debt free, building as the Lord provided. There were many times we came to the end of our money, so we prayed and the Lord always provided what we needed.

In October 2012, we moved into a completely debt free building. We have been having regular Sunday services in this building ever since.

In 2016, Curtis Ebeling began serving as pastor. He was ordained July 22, 2018 and is the current pastor at Lighthouse of Faith Church.